Health transition means moving from pediatric to adult health care. It includes finding the right doctors, educating your child about their health needs, and teaching your child the skills they need to advocate for themselves.



What is a Health Transition Plan?

This is a plan that is most often developed by the individual in collaboration with the parents, doctor and other health care providers.

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Parent Worksheet

Youth Milestones Worksheet























starWho Makes up the Team?

Your child is at the center of the team. Other team members include you (parents), other family members, your child’s current pediatrician and pediatric specialists, his/her teachers, and providers and specialists who cater to the adult population. 

Role of the Team Members

Short Videos to Help your Child Learn How to Manage their Health Needs.


starHealth Transition and IEP Transition plan

A Health Transition plan is different from an education based IEP transition plan. But a Health Transition Plan will help you and your child recognize what goals need to be set. And these goals can be incorporated into the school based education plan.

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Examples of Embedding Health Related Goals into your Child's IEP


Health Transition Timeline

Health transition is a process, not a one time event. To have a smooth transition you and your child should assess their strengths and set goals. This timeline can serve as a guide to help see what needs to be done to make the transition process easier.

Guide to Getting Older and Changing Health Care Providers

Tips for Families

Health Transition Timeline


Family Stories

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