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National Leadership Consortium (NCLD): It offers intensive week-long leadership institutes, short-term learning opportunities relevant to nonprofit leadership
and management, mentoring programs, both undergraduate- and graduate-level campus-based programs. 


Center for Leadership and Disability (CDL):
The CLD receives $3.1 million federal grant to train future leaders in a variety of disciplines to improve the health of children who have or are
at risk of neurodevelopmental and related disabilities.


National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange: It is a one-stop resource providing advice and tools for people with disabilities and professionals




 star4bulletVideos and other Media

Students with Disabilities succeeding in International Exchange programs-Video

Young Leaders-Video

Hear from leaders with developmental disabilities



 Guides for Families

Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs

Workplace communication with and about People with Disabilities

Cultivating Leadership: Mentoring Youth with Disabilities