Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver- How and Where to Apply




If you are new applicant (applied after Jan 1, 2012) the process has been centralized and you can call the number below to get an application

Right from the Start Medicaid Project
Centralized Katie Beckett Medicaid Team
5815 Live Oak Parkway
Suite D-2
Norcross, GA 30093
678-248-7449 (phone)
678-248-7459 (fax)

If you applied before Jan 1, 2012 and are looking to renew you KB waiver you should send it to your local DFCS office.


Forms and Instructions

Deeming Waiver Manual

Deeming Waiver Application Form

To help you fill out the forms please watch P2P's two part Webinar on Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver

Deeming Waiver Basics Part 1

Deeming Waiver Application Process Part 2

* Note there has been a change in the Care Plan Form since this webinar was done, but all the other information is current.